Monday, November 2, 2009

Sarah (Lundquist) Fontaine

Wow, this update is over a year late as far as the reunion goes, or should I say went. :) Oh well though. It's because I just noticed people were doing this...

Ok, the past 10 (now 11) years for me...

After graduation, I completed 5 semesters in college, 2 at USU, and 3 at WSU. I started to feel a bit trunky and needed a change. So I moved to St. George. I was only there for a couple months when I moved back up to Logan (not attending USU) By that time I had been working for Lowe's for over a year. I worked up there for about 8 months, and moved back to Layton, continuing my dead-end job at Lowe's.

I hadn't been playing soccer for a while until I ran into an old Lancer teammate and started up again. Man I missed it. I still try to play whenever I can.

Continuing on...After working for Lowe's for about 5 1/2 years, I needed to make some changes and big decision. It turned out that I enlisted in the Army!

The Army took me to South Carolina for Basic Training, Arizona for my job training in Military Intelligence, Texas for my first duty station, back to Arizona for more specialized training, back to Texas, and then off to Iraq for 15 months of deployment. I was still deployed during the reunion, hence why I wasn't there. I was really quite bummed that I couldn't attend, honestly. My specific job in the Army was working with the Shadow UAV (drone) as a Technician and Crew Chief. After Iraq, it was back to Texas, where I am right now.

I'm currently getting ready to return to Utah in a couple weeks, as my active duty enlistment is up. I am most likely going to join the Utah Army National Guard and potentially go to Officer Candidate School when I get back, and then hopefully become a Military Intelligence Officer. I wasn't quite ready to take off the uniform, but I wanted to be back to Utah, so that's the reason for the Guard.

Oh, there was also a 2 1/2 year marriage in there, to another soldier. But when you spend most of your marriage apart due to military assignments, it doesn't make things easy. So, by the time I'm back to Utah, I will be single again.

I'm planning on going back to Weber State full time to complete a Criminal Justice degree and attend the Police Academy.

I love the Army, and I love my country. And I'm proud to have been able to serve it!

I've had some interesting moments since graduation, most of which happened in the Army, and most of which I will never regret. I still talk to some of my best friends from high school, and love them to death! I'm excited for my fresh start back in Utah and can't wait to see where it leads me.

(Wow, that was long, sorry! P.S. - I'm on Facebook if you care to contact me.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arie (Ledkins) Trahan

Well…. Don’t really know if anyone thinks of me and wonders what is going on in my life. I still keep in contact with the most of my friends from high school. It’s nice to read about everyone’s life on here and see all the cute kids that have been brought to the world!!
I got married right out of high school and had a cute little girl… Aubrey. She is my little mini-me! She has my attitude and everything, including my “BUG EYES”.
I got divorced at 21 and got re-married to Omar Trahan (another 98 graduate)… I know, who would have thought? I always had such a crush on him in Jr High and High School, and I’m glad we met up again. I love him so much, and life with him is never boring!
Together we have a son, Kelson, who is 3. He was 10 pounds when he was born and is still HUGE! Everyone thinks he is 5 or 6. He is Hell on wheels, but such a lover at the same time. He will be a great football player someday. We also just had a daughter, Sicily Enna, who was born Sept 10th. (Which is why I didn’t go to the reunion! I was too pregnant!) Sicily is so perfect, and completes our little family. Omar also has a daughter, Kyara, who is 9! She is such a beautiful little girl, and very tall. So together we have 4 kids and a lot of fun!

Life is pretty good. I still do Property Management as I have since I graduated. I am STILL an aspiring plus size model and have made it to the cover of plus sized magazine so far, and hope to accomplish a lot more! Omar works and still does music (rapping). He actually is very talented and I’m hoping by our 20 year reunion he will make it big! Time is definitely ticking and our youth is passing us by, so we need to get our butts in gear! That’s about it....
Email me if you’d like:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

James Barnard

My loveable wife and I had planned on attending the reunion, but a trip to New Port Beach with her family got in the way. I met my wonderful wife Sara in 2006 at a small party and we fell madly in love and dated for a year and a half before we decided to get married. We got married on March 17, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple and are currently living in Salt Lake City.

Sara is an amazing hair stylist and wife! I couldn't have done better. These past years have been both extremely busy and exciting. I went a year at the University of Utah and then finished up my masters degree in Structural Engineering at Utah State. While I was in school I continued playing soccer. I played for both U of U and Utah State. After college I played one year with the Salt Rats, who used to be Salt Lake's semi-pro soccer team. But my soccer days are long gone.

I am currently working at a structural engineering firm called BHB Engineers, and really enjoy it. I do the structural design on commercial buildings. In 2006, bought a 2300 sqft condo during the houseing boom and lost it to forclosure....ha ha just kidding! Sara and I have remodeled and updated it and it is in a nice area on the east side of Murray. We lived in it until September 2008 and have rented it out as an investment property. We now live in a 1 bed apartment a block away. Its small but cozy. Sara is from Las Vegas, so the plan is to eventually move to Las Vegas so i can begin my new career as a Gambler. We currently do not have any kids and I am just enjoying my life with my beautiful wife who is crazy in love with me!

OK i have included an extra picture just for fun! See if you can spot the Layton High Alumni in this picture. (Its the picture with the guys in the tuxes there are 4 alumni total, including myself)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adam Holland

I wish I could have come to the reunion. I imagine it would have been surreal seeing everyone again. During the last few months I've often found myself thinking back to high school and my friends there. It's bittersweet that we grow older and move on. More sweet than bitter, though, I am glad to say.

I worked as an EFY counselor after my mission in Taiwan and have been married now for nearly six years--how did that happen? My wife is still one of the most intelligent (and good-looking) people I have ever met. We have two boys--Jack was born when I was a Jr. at BYU and Ricky was born during my second year of law school at the U of Wisconsin--my cheesehead wife's home state. After graduation we decided to stay in the area. Wisconsin is a beautiful state (just ask Tyler King who is here) and although it takes me an hour and a half to get to and from work in Chicago, I love living in a place that reminds me of Layton.

I work for an accounting firm, Ernst & Young, doing Customs (think importation) and International Trade Consulting. It sounds more exciting than it is--days on end in front of a computer screen. I do enjoy it, though, as I get to practice Chinese with counterparts in Shanghai and work in a cool building (the Sears Tower) in a great city.

Also, don't be fooled, Jace Fullmer LOVED every second he spent at BYU. It's time that he embrace his nerd status with the rest of us. :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008


We had a GREAT reunion! Thanks to everyone who put in countless hours planning and also to everyone who came! We had a fantastic turnout and a wonderful time.
We had classmates come from as far as England and Alaska!!! Click here to see some pictures from the reunion.

If you would like to be part of the 20-year planning committee, please send an e-mail to If you attended the reuinion, we would love to hear any comments about what you liked or suggestions for improvements for the next one.

Finally, we will maintain this blogspot for all LHS 1998 grads. Feel free to send in updates at any time. If you have already sent in an update, you are welcome to update again with new info (ie: marriage, new babies, new jobs, etc) If you haven't sent in an update, send one in!!!
Also, this is a great (& free!) way to network or advertise. We can post business links, advertisements or information that you e-mail us.

Thanks again and take care during the next 10 years!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sean Beckstrand

Hey everyone!! I was not able to attend the reunion. Hope it was a blast!
Let's see....hmmm....where to start. Well I graduated and moved out to California where I attend a local college and worked for two years. Moved back and decided to go on a mission. I went to Dallas, TX and it was awesome! Got back worked some more and went to Weber State U majoring in Computer Science. Decided that was not for me and went to Geroge Wythe College majoring in Liberal Arts, which was an incredible experience and learned a lot about government, history and economics. I also attended the Shakespearean Festival every summer for the next two years. I developed a great enjoyment and understanding of Shakespeare and highly recommend it to anyone. Only you start talking old english if you over do it.
I moved to Pheonix AZ for a Summer Job and miss the weather and nightlife. They have some of the best Swing Clubs and it's HOT!!! But it's a dry heat. However; the season ended and I had to come back home. I am currently attempted to get a Family owned business off the ground and get into Real Estate Investing. I own a Mini-Donut Shop in the Layton Hills Mall. If you're in the area come on by. I'm much more friendly and outgoing than I was in Highschool. What better way to catch up than while eating donuts.

Well, I'm still single. Just haven't found the right girl yet. Right now I'm just working hard and spoil my neice and nephew, which is a lot of fun. I'm probably leaving something out, yet that's all I can recall at the moment. If you want to contact me heres my email: See ya next decade!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jace Fullmer

Since it's the night before the big reunion, I have decided it's now or never to write my update. Unfortunately, I am attending med-school in Missouri and will be unable to make it. I hope everyone has a good time. To start off, about a year after high school I was in a mountain bike accident and was life-flighted from Moab to McKay-Dee. My injuries were life-threatening... okay that's a lie. I sustained just a broken arm. The whole clause of "life or limb" enabled me for a free helicopter ride back home. I then went on to serve an LDS mission in Moscow, Russia. Loved it. After returning home, I bounced around three colleges (Utah State, U of U, and Weber). Soon after, I decided it was time to find a wife, so I headed off to BYU Provo. I completed a major in Russian and successfully graduated from BYU single. BYU reluctantly refunded me my full tuition for never finding "the one" while attending their sacred campus. During this time I was trying to decide on a career path in politics/pr or medicine. I had many adventures in political endeavors. I was involved in campaigns, clubs, PACS, positions in the RNC and Pres. Inauguration, etc. My highlight was my position in the 2004 G-8 Summit in Georgia. There I was the head Russian Liaison/translator for the Russian delegation. During my duration, I was able to participate and sit in meetings with all the world leaders of the G-8. The cake was when Putin asked me if I was from Latvia based on my accent. His smiled turned to a frown when I told him a was a red-neck American.

I ended up deciding to pursue a path in medicine since I was tired of kissing someone else's rear (politics). While waiting for matriculation into graduate school, I met Heather in SLC (I actually met her 1 yr prior) and became madly obsessed with downhill mountainbike racing. Back to my wife- we started off as cuddle buddies. Then soon after the cuddle buddies turned into cuddle buddies with benefits. Sweet. Next we were taking each other to family events and Sunday dinners. After six months of this we decided it was best to break up since I was getting old and needed to get back to that "wife hunt". After missing her like crazy we got married six months later inthe SL Temple in July of 2007. Awesome. Nowadays, I spend much of my time working on a blog with a buddy. Its about free market healthcare. You are welcome to come flame it. Anyway, thanks to those who posted already. I've enjoyed the reads!


Better late than never I guess! It's been fun to see what everyone has been up too. Lots has happened for me in 10 years. I could go on and on, but I won't since I waited till the last minute and not many people will read this anyway. I do have the cliche' myspace page, instead of a blog, and it has everything I have been up to. I live in LA now but happen to be in town the weekend of the reunion so I look forward to seeing everyone!, or you can email me

Friday, August 15, 2008

Chad Peterson

It’s official… about a month ago I found a grey hair, and this year is the 10th since High School… I AM OLD…

Anyway, so after High School, I attended Weber State University for a Semester and then served a mission in the Philippines. I left at 210 pounds and returned at 180 pounds. Gotta love the Philippines.

Anywho, upon returning, I re-entered school without a clue what I wanted to do. So I took classes randomly in order to perhaps get some sort of idea what I wanted to do. I settled on Hospital Administration and am a year off of completion.

In 2004, I (meaning my Mom made me) tried out for the singing group 'Choralaires' at the Ogden LDS Institute. She told me if I didn't use my talent and try, I would be kicked out of the house... My Mom is a smart woman... I made the group and within 5 months I was dating the future Mrs. Peterson.

Megan and I were married in November that year in the Bountiful Temple. We currently have 2 boys. Tucker is 2, and Aidan is 1. They are a handful, but we are as happy as we can be as parents. We currently reside in Clearfield, UT. Oh, and since we make really cute (yes I said cute) kids, we decided to add one more in February. Cool, Huh?

I am currently employed with United Healthgroup in West Valley, Ut as a Technical Analyst. I manage the software that most doctors offices use to bill their claims. When I finish school, I am in a prime location to move on to Hospital Administration.

Megan is a graduate of Roy High School, and is a very accomplished singer. She has produced her own CD, so keep an ear to the airwaves!!! Also, she is really pretty.

Kelsey (Knowlton)

Hey everyone! Love reading the updates. I don't want to post my personal info in cyberspace, but if you want to catch up, email me at and I'll send you an invite to my blog. I'm sad to miss the reunion, but I live in the midwest and can't make the trip.

Alesa Shelby

I insist that I have a poor concept of time so it has been fun to think about what has happened in my life over the last ten years. After Graduation I went to Weber state for a year then transferred up to Utah State where I graduated in Family Consumer Science in 2003. I had such a great time in college.

I have always loved traveling and have been on some great trips in the last 10 years including multiple Hawaiian vacations, Cancun, An amazing European adventure, and lots of trips to Disneyland. I am looking forward to more fun trips.

My 'career' path has been a rocky one but I have learned so many things, about myself especially. I really feel that I am a better, stronger person now. That being said, I have worked for lots of different places highlights including The Living Planet Aquarium, and SLCC. Now I work as a Drafter at a Civil Engineering company.

The highlights of my life are my nephews (4) and niece! I AM super aunt.

I'm excited for the reunion, but a bit nervous because my memory sometimes is like my concept of time-poor! I think though it is good to see friends that knew you before you knew yourself and develop friendships that you didn't know you had.

Alesa Shelby (

Lisa (Powell) Price

I, too, cannot believe that 10 years can pass by so fast! After high school I attended Rick's College for two years and had so much fun, I loved it up there. In June 2000, I married Zariph Price (LHS class of '96), in the Salt Lake Temple. We bought a house in South Ogden right after we got married and still live here. We've been able to fix it up a lot and like to remodel when we can. After getting married I attended Weber State for three years and got my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. While going to school I worked in the office at the Smith's Dairy in Layton. I could sample the icecream whenever I wanted, what a great job! Then I began teaching school at Plain City Elementary. I taught 5th grade for three years, then switched last year to 3rd grade. I loved it! Then last April, we found out that we were chosen to adopt our little boy, Boston, who came in May.
We were thrilled and so excited to finally be parents. Now, I get to stay home with Boston. He's so fun. Zariph and I love to travel, we've been to all our favorite US vacation spots and are now looking at taking a cruise in Europe.If you want to keep in contact, I have a blog:

Brian Dillon

Hello everyone! It’s great to see what my fellow Lancer’s have been doing the last ten years. I thought I would finally get on board and put my two cents in. As said below, time flies when you’re having fun. It sure has flown by!

I joined the Navy the summer we graduated and have been in the military ever since. I went to boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. Then on to Operations Specialist school in Virginia Beach, VA. From there I received orders to a ship out of sunny San Diego, CA. I was on the ship for about three years and did one deployment to the Caribbean. I got to see many cool places and had a blast. After that I transferred to the Special Boat Unit still out of SD, CA. I was there for about three more years. I did two deployments with them to more hostile parts of the world. I was still not where I wanted to be. For those of you who knew me in high school, you probably knew where I was trying to get. After the Boat Unit tour, I went to Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/s). The greatest challenge of my life! It was awesome! Upon completion of SEAL training I received orders to SEAL Team Eight back in Virginia Beach, VA. I have done a couple of deployments with the SEAL Teams to the most hostile parts of the world. Always exciting, always a challenge!

I currently reside in Virginia Beach, VA. I have never been married, and do not have any children yet. I live with my girlfriend Lynlee, who is awesome, so we’ll see what the future brings. I’ve had an awesome last ten years! I got to see some cool parts of the world and live some cool places. I would love to come to the reunion. Unfortunately, I’m still in Iraq for the next few months. Hope you all have a great time! Maybe I’ll see you at the next one. If you ever want to get in contact with me:

Michelle (Pulley) Bodily

So I am really cutting it close to getting this on here before the reunion, but atleast I am doing it. After high school I went to Salt Lake Community College to play soccer for two years. Then I adventured up to Utah State University with everyone else and after being there for a semester I decided I wanted to go on a mission...but after receiving my call to Poland I met Travis and he proposed 2 weeks before I was leaving. With that said we have now been married for 7 years and he owes me a trip to Poland! I graduated from USU with a degree in Secondary Education with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Psychology. After that we moved to Indiana where Travis earned his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. We now live in East Peoria, Illinois (extremely flat and humid) where Travis works for Caterpillar and I am a P.E. Teacher at Pekin Community High School. The best part of my job is being the Head Coach for boy's soccer and the assistant coach for girl's soccer.

We do not have children yet, we have run into a few road blocks in moving on to that part of our life. We are currently trying to adopt and we hope that day comes soon. I will not be able to be at the reunion because school and soccer have already started out here in the midwest. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion and I really wish I could be there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jolene (LeLaCheur) Avalos

How fun is this catching up on the class of 98!!!!! It sure has been a crazy 10 years:) Well after highschool I moved to Cedar City and completed my first year of college there and had a total blast. I met so many awesome friends there, but was unable to return due to health problems. I had major back issues for the next 3 years. I continued my education at Weber State and worked fulltime at Petsmart. Well.....thats where my college education ended and my career began with Petsmart. I quickly moved up into management and was able to travel the US for 3 years managing the projects of opening up new stores and remodeling old stores. It was the best experience I could have ever had:) That's where I met my husband Oscar Avalos. We dated for 4 years and were engaged for 2 years and we just married in February. We had the most beautiful wedding in El Paso, Texas. We built a house in Buckeye, Arizona and have lived here for the past 2 years. My husband works at the Petsmart corporate office and I am a Store Manager. I could not ask for a better career than this! I love managing and training employees and being around pets everyday. Oh...I almost forget YES I have pets. I have 2 cockerspaniels(Zack and Bailey) and have 5 cats(all the homeless cats seem to find me somehow-which I am trying to adopt out. Any takers?) I am enjoying life to the fullest and hope that we will be able start a family very soon:) I will not be able to attend the reunion but, wish everyone well. I really wish I could attend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nick Bailey

So after high school I served a Spanish speaking mission in Hartford, Connecticut. When I came home, I went to Weber State for a year and met my wife at Macey's (where it felt like I worked forever). We dated for about a year and then got married in the Manti Temple in May of 2002. I then transferred to BYU where I got a bachelor's degree in Political Science. After undergrad, I took a year off and then decided to go to grad school, so we packed up and headed for Upstate New York and the Maxwell School at Syracuse University for a Master's in Public Administration. We were only going to be there for a year, but we loved it so much that I added an MA in Economics and we stayed another year. About three months ago a professor I was research assistant for at BYU offered me my dream job as a Project Manager on a foreign aid transparency project funded by the B&M Gates Foundation, so here we are back in Utah. Along the way, we picked up a few little boys. Bryan is four and has his daddy's personality (always focused on one thing, FUN), Tyler is two and loves Elmo, and Kyle is six months and will be groomed as a linebacker despite his mother's protests. We're planning to see everyone at the picnic on Saturday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ticket up for grabs!

Katie (Barlow) Kindred bought a ticket for her husband and he can't come. If anyone is interested in purchasing the ticket please send her an e-mail:

Erin (Gray) Love

WOW ten years came fast!!! I’m with Kim on not wanting to post anything because my life isn’t nearly as exciting as the rest of yours. My goal is to have something really cool to brag about by the time the 20 year reunion comes around. So after high school I went to night school at Weber state while working as a dental assistant and realized that I was too dumb for college. So I went to cosmetology school and graduated two yrs later. And worked at blue sisters salon. Which is the perfect job for me. I Love to chit chat but should of got a psychology degree to go with it since some days fells like you’re a therapist instead of a hair dresser. Camille (Love)Nichols set me up on a blind date with her hot older brother and it went surprisingly well. We were inseparable and married about 10months later, In November 2000 in the salt lake Temple.

About a year into our marriage we found out that we couldn’t have kids which sucks, but we had about 3 ˝ years of fun together doing all sorts of stuff and going everywhere. Than we decided that we needed a little more excitement in our lives and decided to put our papers in to adopt. We got the exciting news that we were getting a little boy and Dawson came in January of 2004. He is hell on wheels but tons of fun. Dawson is now 4 ˝ years old and all boy. He loves to play sports, ride his bike, shoot his bow, go boating and play in the mud. He is a mini image of his dad. Anything his dad does he does.

Then 2 ˝ years later we found out that we were getting a little girl. Hallie came in July of 2006, she is sassy and sweet. Hallie just turned 2 and is a girlie girl. She loves her babies and giving them rides in their stroller. She is good at teasing her older brother too. She has her dad wrapped around her finger and has the best set of lungs you ever heard. She figures she can do anything her brother does and will one day give me a heart attack.

Life is so much fun with the two of them. Crazy but fun. My husband is an owner of a foundation company. And I am still doing hair but only 1 day a week. (I know it’s exciting.) we built a house in Syracuse and then built again and moved to West haven (b.f.e. it feels like.) but it’s nice. Life is good. We are pretty boring. But I like it. My hubby is a hottie and keeps life fun and interesting. I am so in love with my kids and never knew how fun they could be. I love being a mom and feel so lucky to have such a great family. It is so fun reading about everyone and where they are and what they are doing. I was going to come to the reunion but my sweet hubby decided that killing an elk is more important.(sucker he owes me) I can’t go Stagg!! So I have 2 tickets if anyone wants them. One day I will set up a blog when I figure out how to work the stinking computer. My e- mail is I wish you all the best and good luck with life. Love ya

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kim (Morrill) Kapcsos

I really didn't want to post anything on here after reading about all the adventures and amazing jobs/lives that you all drown in! BUT...if Lichelle won't quit pestering the ---- out of me, I guess this is the only way to shut her up! (just jokes Lichelle)

So after high school I went to Ricks College on a basketball scholarship for two years. Hated the molly mormon lifestyle, so I moved to Iowa and played ball at a private school for two more years and had a blast. I got a teaching degree in elementary and special ed., moved back to Utah, and taught at Central Davis Jr. for two years, teaching the learning disabled/PUNKS. I met my husband, Steve, during that time through some friends and we dated for almost two years (long distantly). So, after millions of emails, phone conversations, and monthly visits, we decided that we might like each other and got hitched in April of 2006.

We moved to Alberta, Canada, because he wears the pregnant three weeks after marriage (total ooops)...moved back to Utah after our daughter, Maddie Layne was born (since health care was free).. and a year after that, Steve got a bug to be back in Canada and here we are! He is working in Edmonton at the moment doing a job until October and then we are moving back to God's country! How about he makes up his mind? We haven't traveled the world, don't work amazing jobs, don't even own a friggin dog and are about the lamest people that you might run into (maybe white trash would be suitable), but life is good! We won't be at the reunion (hold back the tears everyone), but I hope you guys have a great time!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

John G. Stevens

Wow, it has been really fun to go through and see how everyone has changed and grown in the last 10 years!

To let everyone know what I have been up to I guess we could start right after graduation:

My family moved back to Germany (yes that is where we lived before we moved to Layton). It was a nice little town called Schonenberg-Kubelberg. Famous for their outdoor market! Or so the sign said. From there I went on to serve in the Romania,Bucharesti mission. While there I was able to go home for a month to visit some doctors in Germany, and serve for a couple months in Moldova. (don’t worry, most people don’t know where Moldova is. It’s a small country to the right of Romania.)

After two years I was able to return to my home in Germany for a relaxing one day, then my dad and I flew out to Utah together to get set up for college. I spent the next few years going into International Business at UVSC.

While there I met Mindy McClure, who at this moment is making fun of the music that is playing on the LHS blog website.

We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and since then have had two beautiful children. Taylor McKay Stevens age 4, and Sicily Ruby Stevens 3 months. They are the absolute light of my life.

Now the boring part. After being married for a while I decided to start a Mortgage company, Stevens & Shumway ( I just merged with another company, so we are now able to do mortgages nationwide), and since then I also have an investment company, JGSI INC., and most recently have started a Hard Money Company, Charte Financial Group.

I sit on the Board of Directors for the Utah Association of Mortgage Brokers, and am the President Elect for the Association. I am also the Utah Delegate to the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

And the most exciting of all, I am the 11 year old Scout Leader out here in Pleasant Grove! They finally put me in a position where I can go camping all I want and they act like I am doing them a favor by being the leader!All in all my life has been very exciting, I have a wonderful wife, excellent children, and I love what I do for work.I look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion. It will be fun to catch up with everyone.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Neleh (Dennis) Nielson

Happy 10 years!! Life happens fast!!! After graduation I started a Psychology and Family Studies major at Weber State, while attending cosmetology school. With two semesters left at Weber State I was called to audition for Survivor. Two months and 4 interviews later I made the show and was off to the Marquesas island of Nuku Hiva. I had all the adventure I needed (smile). Since the show, I have traveled all over the place, met some amazing people and have had many incredible experiences. I went to Thailand with Operation Smile, helping kids with cleft lips and pallets. That was a highlight. My next adventure came when I married Kris Nielson in July 2003! We got married in the Manti temple. We had an apartment in downtown Salt Lake for a little bit, bought a home in Woods Cross, and traveled like crazy. Life has not slowed down. We had our first son, Kai, in October 2005, moved to Oregon, lived there for 2 years and loved it!

We fostered a beautiful baby boy named Blue for 9 months. We started fostering him when he was 6 months old and he left us in March 2008. He is so special. We just felt a strong need to foster. Kai loved it! It gave him a buddy to play with. If any of you have considered fostering, I would highly recommend it. He will always be a special part of our lives. We continued to add testosterone to the house with another little boy, River, April 2008. There isn’t much little about him. Since birth he has been off the charts for size and weight.

We love being parents. We can't get enough of our two little monsters. We moved to Texas in May 2008, with Kris' work, where we will be settled for a while. Life is great. I married the most amazing man and have two amazing little boys. I love being home with them. We won't make it to the reunion but it has been fun seeing friends on this blog. My e-mail is XOXOXO

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ryan "Shorty" Brobeck

Really not sure why I put Ryan on there. I'm still called Shorty by everyone. Including my "4'10" mother. After high school I went to Weber State along with 75% of the wasatch front 19 year olds. Played soccer for the men's team a couple years. Never graduated but its a work in progress. After bouncing around from job to job I landed with Foot Locker in Newgate Mall and worked my way up to get my own store to manage somewhere in the U.S. Three months before that happened I got offered a job managing an indoor soccer center in Ogden. So in '02 I started my dream job. I met my wife there and we started dating in '04. We dated for three years before getting married in '07 for almost a year. Yeah um... not the right person for me... boy what a story. Divorced with no kids but somehow ended up with a dog and bird? Much better than the wife. I then decided that my dream job was not a dream anymore and as of this May I quit and am designing and building concrete counter tops for Sheen Concrete Design in Clearfield. Who would have thought a $7 an hour pay cut could make you happier? I enjoy it so much and am looking at going back to school. Thinking of Firefighting or Graphic Design or Police Officer or Social Work . Who knows? In the last year I have gotten divorced, quit my job, sold my nice house to my parents, watched my nephew (pictured) be born on my birthday and named after me and have had a beer or four. I'm living life and wouldn't change anything that has happened in the last 10 years. Negativity is a Waste of Energy!! Im almost 28 and have the mentality and energy of somone who has no worries in life. Never felt better! I'm driven to be sucessfull but not sure with what yet. Just having fun and being the life of the party until I decide where that sucess is. Lance Jacobs is still my best friend and I still keep in touch with a few people from L-town. I should see you all at the picnic but not the dinner. Unless you know a lot of single women who are going stag to the reunion dinner. It will be good to see everyone. Contact me if you want to at: